The Five Stages of a Home Improvement Project

So you decided to engage in a little home renovation project. Maybe you want a luxurious master bath, a more functional kitchen, or you’re going to increase your square footage. Perhaps you’re going to hire it out, perhaps you’re going to go it alone. No matter the circumstance you’re in for quite the ride, and it all starts with three words… “Let’s do it.” I’ve been there, so I present to you: the five stages of a home improvement project.

The Decision

So where were you when you decided this was a good idea, and most importantly, what were you drinking? Guaranteed somebody said something as simple as, “Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of this old fridge?” and then the ideas started snowballing from there. That’s it. You’re committed. You’re doing the whole thing. Tell your family, your friends, and your financial institution because it’s going down.  

The Dream

Fire up the laptop, it’s time to plan. Pinterest, Houzz, and Google will become your newest friends. If you haven’t fallen down the rabbit hole of “matte black and brass light fixtures”, you’re about to lose hours of your life. All hail the internet for never-ending inspiration, thumbs down for the endless scrolling through a design blogger’s deep-seated childhood trauma which led her to choose that specific pattern for her backsplash. Prepare yourself to wonder, “Why can’t they just put the pictures at the top?”  

Sticker Shock

“Oh this is a budget project…”, “We are going to DIY and save so much money…”, “I’m going to just cut corners here so I can spend more there…”, and other lies I’ve told. 

You know what’s expensive? Wood. Anything involving wood. Need floors? Open the wallet. Want cabinets? Refinance your student loans. Grand plans to make this project structurally sound and up to code? Probably looking at black market organ donation.  

Redo your budget, and then redo it again. And then double that. And then hope you like the kitchen because it’s the only place you’re eating for the foreseeable future.  

Construction Nightmare

Dusty, dirty demolition. Dumpsters of junk. Drywall, fresh paint, and showering in the kid’s bathroom because yours is currently unavailable. If you have contractors, you’re going to be coordinating schedules and sharing space with strangers for days at a time.

Construction time is going to be the longest stretch of your project and it can be a drag. Remember the end of pregnancy when you just wanted that baby out? That’s construction time. And you just want to meet your brand new living room.  

home improvement projectThe Big Reveal

Finally! The fixtures are polished, the paint smells fresh, and your dream has come to life. It is such a point of pride to have seen something all the way through, no matter how involved you were in the project. So raise a glass and congratulate yourself on a job well done. Just make sure to stop yourself before you start dreaming up the next endeavor. 

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