Kelsey Hogan

Kelsey is a Royal Oak stay-at-home mama to son Reese (2.5). When she's not looking for new ways to burn off toddler energy, she's filling her own cup at The Dailey Method barre studio. Or, she's Up North. With a background in Marketing and PR, Kelsey is excited to re-enter the creative sphere as a contributor for Detroit Moms Blog. Kelsey is passionate about infertility/pregnancy loss and mental health awareness. She loves creating a Pinterest-worthy linen closet. And, she's often exploring Eastern and non-traditional approaches to healing. Follow along with her daily momming on Instagram @itskels_life.
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Thoughtful Gifts for a Friend Struggling with Infertility

One in eight women today encounter issues getting pregnant. You most likely know (at least) one of them. Maybe it’s a co-worker or neighbor, maybe a sister or best friend. Maybe it’s you. Given the...

Infertility: IVF Q&A From a Mama Who Has Lived It

One in eight. One mommy waiting for preschool pickup. One woman in your Target checkout line. One mini-van maven in the Starbucks drive-thru queue on any given morning. One of your best friends. One in eight...

Shop NOW! Detroit Mom Amazon Prime Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is *this* Sunday, and if you're a last-minute shopper like me, you might just be scrambling to find something special for Mom. While I love shopping local and small when I can,...

Socially Distanced Grocery Shopping: The Ins and Outs of InstaCart

With thousands of families now opting to avoid grocery stores and utilize delivery or pick-up services, getting a prized InstaCart "time-slot" has become seemingly impossible.  Fear not, ladies. As a seasoned online food shopper, I’m...

5 True Crime Podcasts to Listen to Now

Let’s face it, the world is kind of a hot mess right now. But even before all of this, the 2020 election, and Bachelor mom #BarbWeber were a part of our daily dialogue, I...

Kid’s Springtime Activity: Truck Painting and Car Wash

Now that the sun is shining, and we can go outside without full-on Arctic gear, I’m excited to move our messes out of the house with a super fun springtime activity: truck painting and...

The Truth About Pregnancy After Miscarriage

With my first child, I got pregnant quickly and naturally. The next nine (errr...ten) months were relatively uneventful, resulting in my healthy baby boy being born exactly on his due date. Everything like clockwork....

Weeknight Meal Hacks for Busy Moms

“What’s for dinner?” A recent (unscientific and conducted by yours truly) study shows that this question is dreaded by 99.9% of moms. Whether you work out of the house, stay home, or somewhere in between, planning...

True Life: Quitting Potty Training Made Me A Better Mom

“Oh, it’s really not that bad.” “Just do the three-day method.” “It’s sooo nice to be rid of diapers!” They had me. Hook, line, and sinker. I was convinced that potty training my two-and-a-half-year-old son was a...

An Open Letter to Non-Mommies: Hold the Judgment

Dear Non-Mommies, Please stop judging me. For the love of all things sacred, please *expletive* stop. There, I said it. I’m done. Dunzo. Kaput.  This isn’t your typical “mommy shaming” diatribe. I’m not focusing on the...